Monday, June 14, 2010


After almost a month of intense sim work, switching over all inventory to ad board vendors from the hippos, and building the venue, Market Day is ready to launch the GRAND OPENING of ARGENTEUIL!

There are a number of special things planned for your visit including the "Two Martini Lunch" Thursday at noon and METALLICA to cap the week on Saturday at 4 pm. It's a true "Dads & Grads" themed musical week! MusicNotPolitics will also provide a great slate of some of the best musicians in SL including KevinThomas Carpool. Our full music schedule will be posted here as well as in your Market Day News.

You'll land at the gazebo, and from there you can walk Vendors Way up the beautiful embossed metal ramp, seeing what all 22 vendors have to offer you. If you're in the mood to start with the music, take the TP straight to the ballroom area where the stage on top offers not only our musical guests, but a great panoramic view! Any TP within the common areas of Argenteuil will take you to great shopping at either LiX for casual men's and women's or formal and dressy casual for women at S0phie's Choice Design. But before you leave, toss a few breadcrumbs to the baby swans and grab a boat ride for a gorgeous view of the waterways while enjoying the lounge sounds of Martini in the Morning.

Thanks for visiting during Grand Opening week!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Home at Argenteuil

Wow, what a busy month! Aside from a lot of real life work, there was much activity in Second Life including May Market Day planning on the Victorian seaside sim in Brink's Cove, the launch of Merchant Guild Weekly--a percentage sales promotion--and the purchase of a new island estate!

Argenteuil is now home to S0phie's Choice Design as well as Sautereau Sky Ballroom. Also making a new home there for main stores are Veralis Basevi's LiX and Arissa Darkheart's Darkhearted designs.

Here are just a few of the upcoming events:

May 17-24 Merchant Guild Weekly 15%
May 25-31 Market May Day
June 1-6 Merchant Guild Weekly 36%
June 7-13 Merchant Guild Weekly 16%
June 15-17 Market Day Sautereau Sky
June 17 Martini in the Morning
2 Martini Lunch Sautereau Sky Ballroom
June 21-27 Merchant Guild Weekly 26%
June 28-
July 4 Merchant Guild Weekly 36%
July 13-15 Market Day (reserved for Ronin)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Feedback Please!

Merchants, I have provided a link within Guild to offer some feedback on this last event. Now is critical as we plan the next one! Thanks for your time and all your efforts!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

GRID STATUS: Market Day EXPOsed & Uncensored!

We should have known, that if we had a decent idea, it would be targeted. Well, I knew that, I just really figured we were small-potatoes enough that we wouldn't attract enough attention.

Between us and Zindra Unzipped, I'm thinking that the attention of the Lindens is more focused on disabling competition to their "ZEXPO" than fixing the grid problems. As of this writing there are a scant 4k+ logged in, and it's likely they will continue to drag their feet fixing this problem for days if not hours. Why? Cuz they can.

As we frustratedly wait on the grid to come back up for most people, I can assure you the Merchant Guild is in cooperation with our sim host of Market Day EXPOsed & Uncensored! during this time to extend our event, potentially lacking the entertainment we'd hoped to offer, through the weekend.

I think KittyCat our sim host would be incredibly happy, in fact, since our traffic was 7093 on the first day, and 1.5 times that much working up to the second day!

Stay posted here, those of you interested, and we'll update as soon as we can on Market Day status!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Market Day EXPOsed & Uncensored! Apr 27-29 sponsored by SL Merchant Guild

We have an UNBELIEVABLE line-up for Market Day EXPOsed & Uncensored on stage! There will be 40 vendor stalls to visit with a variety of items to browse or services to peruse while your listening to LIVE MUSIC, DJ MUSIC, or enjoying one of the FASHION SHOWS!

The ※SL Merchant Guild※ sponsors its next Market Day in an adult sim lending a unique blend of both Mature (Moderate) and Adult items all captured in the theme of Romanesque Romance! Lush exotic landscaping surrounds a coliseum style venue, entirely created by the Merchant Guild--a coalition of residents representing the commerce of animators, architects, decorators, designers, service providers, and wholesalers. Additionally, this Market Day offers LIVE MUSIC, DJ MUSIC, & FASHION SHOWS plus Mania, Lucky Chair, Lucky Cupcake, and Sploder each day! Sign up for Market Day News at S0phie's Choice Design in Craggen Maw, or ask your favorite merchant!

Visit us and see what the fuss is all about!

10a-11a Shane Kirshner live music 􀀍
3p-4p Nonge Shipman live acoustic rock 􀀊
5p-6p CrashOV Uladstron Smexy Town Fashion Show
6p-8p Nicktacious Chapman dj rock/punk
8p-9p Gregg Huet live rock 􀀌
10a-11a Caoilte Skytower live folk rock 􀀋
3p-4p Matthew Perreault live rock 􀀎
5p-6p S0phie Sautereau ~s0c~* Red Carpet EXPOsed
6p-8p Slater Michalski dj rock 􀀏
8p-9p EricSteffensen Mistwalker live acoustic rock 􀀀
10a-11a Lexus Melodie live acoustic rock 􀀅
12p-2p Slater Michalski dj rock 􀀆
3p-4p KevinMThomas Carpool live acoustic rock 􀀂
6p-8p RnB Product Demonstration
8p-9p SweetLilly Pinelli live acoustic rock 􀀁

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Merchant Guild Market Day--SUCCESS!

The first Merchant Guild sponsored Market Day was a HUGE success, bringing in average daily searchable traffic averaging over 6,000! That includes absolutely no advertising except within sales groups on both Thursday and Friday.

The Merchant Guild will hold its next Market Day on April 27-29 for three consecutive days--3 for the price of 2 ;)--on the adult sim Austerity. The theme will be Romanesque Romance for a classy sexy blend of both adult and mature (moderate) merchants and items. This event will be unique in that we have room for a stage where we will feature live entertainment as well as DJs, and even a few fashion shows! Complete schedule provided via Market Day News which is a web-subscription based pubilcation that does NOT require a Second Life group slot! Sign up at my main store in Craggen Maw.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring brings new site, new dress

Yesterday I established *~s0c~* Enterprises website! It's a template (UGH, I hate those) but for the sake of just getting the site up and running so something would be there, I would NEVER use a template for a website!

I've dabbled in web design, so this isn't new for me. I just hope I can spend a little time crafting this site with so many irons in the fire. I know that it's a necessity especially after the expansion into residential rental. That's still very very iffy with the launch of Linden Homes. Conventional Wisdom among the Learned says that Linden Homes has negatively affected realty in SL. I predicted that. *sigh* More waiting, then.

My reproduction red carpet Marchesa dress made for Sandra Bullock premiers Sunday, March 21, first full day of spring! I should have named the blue one Crocus ;) Well, knowing me and names, of course, I'll probably do just that....